The new standard for rental inspections.

The only inspection tool that lowers the chance of end of lease disputes via tenant collaboration. Allowing for seamless Entry (move-in) & Routine Inspections.

The Complete toolkit for property managers for inspections.

Guard My Lease is the first inspection tool that allows tenants to complete their part of the Entry Condition Report from an app. By allowing tenants to complete the entry condition report on the app, we lower the barrier to filling out high-quality reports which decreases the chance of a dispute happening at the end of a lease. Oh, we handle exit and routine inspections aswell.

Available on iOS and Android

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What We Provide?

Some of our Features

Ability to share and email reports with Owners and others with ease.

Say goodbye to paper reports for your Routine and Entry (Move-in) reports.

Ability to add photos with location and description within seconds - all timestamped

Download your images or have them nicely displayed in a PDF Report.

Can be used for any type of inspections - Entry, Routine, Exit and More!

Allows tenants to use the App to complete Entry Condition Report (Move-in)

Digital Signatures for both Agents and Tenants allowing for paperless transaction of Entry Condition Reports.

Manage your property from as many devices as you like - we sync them all up. iOS, Android or Web

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