Replace Paper based Entry, Exit, and Routine reports

We allow you to complete the entry condition report via a phone or tablet and then collaborate with tenants by allowing them to complete their side via the app as well.

By lowering the barrier for tenants to complete high-quality reports

We lower the risk of disputes at end of lease

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Fully Electronic Entry Condition Reporting

In Three Easy Steps:

DOCUMENT the property,

COLLABORATE with the tenant/s,

COMPLETE the report.

How It Works

Step 1

Upload Images of Damage and Document

Ability to take and add photos with location and description within seconds. Making creating an Entry Condition Report an absolute breeze.

Guard My Lease App displaying Houses
Guard My Lease App displaying Houses

Step 2

Add Tenants and Lease Details

Add the Lease details and tenants on the lease. Add their email address so they can receive our instructions to start using the app with the report you started. The Tenants can then comment and add images, finalising and digitally signing.

Step 3

Review and Comment on Tenants submission.

Once tenants have signed and documented the property, you are able to view and comment on 100% of it.

Report Displayed within App

Step 4

Sign and View Final Report

With the press of a button, you can finalise and digitally sign the Entry Condition Report. We then create an awesome Report that can be downloaded and/or emailed. Making accessing as a agent/owner/tenant as easy as checking your email.

Example Entry Condition Report

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Some of our Features

Ability to add photos with location and description within seconds - all timestamped

Download your images or have them nicely displayed in a PDF Report.

Can be used for any type of inspections including fully electronic Entry Condition Reports

Allows tenants to use platform to complete Entry Condition Report

Digital Signatures for both Agents and Tenants allowing for paperless transaction of Entry Condition Reports.

Manage your property from as many devices as you like - we sync them all up. iOS, Android or Web

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