Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I Have you contact me? And we setup a trial account?

Yes, We would love that! Head to our Contact page and fill in your details.

Do you have any videos explaining and/or show casing your product?

Yes, head straight to our Videos page and select which video you would like to watch.

Is my data secure?

We use Amazon S3 for our data storage which is classified aswell as highly secure.

How do you improve the Entry Condition (Move-In) Report?

We remove the paper and allow tenants to access and complete their report from the comfort of their phones.

Can I export my data?


How can I get support for problems or ideas to improve the product?

Simply click on the contact us button on the bottom right or email us at and we will get right back to you.

How much does this cost?

Our pricing is simple, $50. per month if you have between 10-500 properties. Less than 10 properties? $1/property/month. If you want to get a discount, prepay for a year and we will knock off 10%.

Why are you helping tenants?

If you wish to read about our story of why we created this product, here is a link to our about page

Does this integrate with other systems?

Currently no; however, a lot of the other systems allow for PDF's to be uploaded as documents.

What Inspections do you handle?

We currently support:

  • QLD Entry Condition
  • Generic Entry Condition which is used for other countries other than Australia.
  • QLD Routine Reports
  • Generic Routine
  • QLD Exit Reports
  • Generic Routine which is used for other countries other than Australia.
  • Maintenance
  • Other (which simply allows you to document anything you wish).

What makes you different from the other inspection companies?

We don't like to compare ourselves usually; however, we are the only company that is looking at the Entry Condition/ Move-In Report from a holistic perspective. From Agent->Tenant and back. We have replaced the need to print out the form and send it to the tenant. Simply add the tenant in the app and off you go.