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Have you ever moved out of a house only to forget where you stored the photos you took of the damage when you moved in?
Or worse, you have the images but have no idea which room each photo is from?

Guard My Lease allows you to take photos of the damage within your property and keep the photos conveniently stored in a secure location where they can be easily accessed when you require them.

How To Use

  • Commencing your lease: Print out the Report and attached it as evidence to your Condition Report. Prove damage was there from the start.
  • Vacating your lease: We log the dates and times of all your photos. Prove when the photo was taken without being told the date was edited.
  • During your lease: View all your photos and descriptions easily separated in room location.

  • How It Works

    Upload Images of Damage

    Ability to take and add photos with location and description within seconds. Making photo taking when you first move in an absolute breeze.

    Guard My Lease App displaying Houses
    Guard My Lease App displaying Houses

    Room Selection

    With our wide range of room types you will never run out of choices. And if your desired location doesn't already exists, you can create your own.

    View and Download your Report

    With the press of a button, we create you an awesome Report that can be downloaded and/or emailed. Making offline quick and easy.

    Report Displayed within App

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    Some of our Features

    Ability to add photos with location and description within seconds.

    Download your images or have them nicely displayed in a PDF Report.

    Create and manage multiple properties.

    We will store your images safely in the cloud

    No monthly subscription - use it free as a tenant.

    Manage your property from as many devices as you like - we sync them all up.

    Loved by

    • Tenants moving into a new place wanting to protect their security deposit/bond.
    • Owners documenting the state of their property for insurance purposes.
    • Airbnb hosts and guests use it to protect themselves.
    • Anyone else that wants to keep the damage of a property securely documented.


    Unwanted disputes when handing the keys back is stressful and costly. We allow quick and easy access to your images and notes which in turn can help stop the disputes before they get out of hand. You shouldn't be left to repair something that is not your fault.

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